What’s a Good Dental Insurance?


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Choosing the right dental insurance is crucial for maintaining good oral health and managing dental care costs. This article will guide you through the key factors to consider when selecting a dental insurance plan, ensuring you make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

Understanding Dental Insurance

Dental insurance works similarly to health insurance but typically has lower premiums and different coverage structures. Most dental plans follow a 100-80-50 coverage model:

  • 100% of preventive care (e.g., exams, X-rays, cleanings)
  • 80% of basic procedures (e.g., fillings, root canals, extractions)
  • 50% of major procedures (e.g., crowns, bridges, implants).

Key Factors to Consider

1. Coverage Needs

Evaluate your dental health and that of your family. If you have a history of dental issues or anticipate needing major procedures, look for plans with comprehensive coverage for major services. For families, consider plans that cover orthodontics if your children might need braces.

2. Network Size

Check if your preferred dentist is in-network. Plans like PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) offer more flexibility in choosing dentists but may come with higher costs. HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) require you to use in-network providers but often have lower premiums.

3. Costs and Budget

Consider the following costs:

  • Premiums: Monthly or annual payments for the insurance plan.
  • Deductibles: The amount you pay out-of-pocket before insurance kicks in.
  • Co-payments: Your share of the cost for specific services.
  • Annual Maximums: The maximum amount the plan will pay in a year.

4. Waiting Periods

Some plans have waiting periods for certain procedures, meaning you must wait a specified time after purchasing the plan before you can use certain benefits. If you need immediate dental work, look for plans with no or short waiting periods.

5. Additional Benefits

Look for plans that offer extra perks, such as coverage for additional cleanings for diabetics or pregnant women, discounts on other health services, or wellness programs.

Top Dental Insurance Providers

Based on various evaluations, here are some of the top dental insurance providers:

  • Delta Dental: Known for its extensive network and comprehensive coverage options, including plans with no waiting periods for preventive care.
  • Humana: Offers a variety of plan options, making it suitable for different needs and budgets.
  • Guardian Direct: Best for major dental work, with plans covering a significant portion of major procedures.
  • Anthem: Offers robust plans with high annual maximums and comprehensive coverage.
  • Cigna: Provides nationwide coverage with a variety of plan options, including those with no waiting periods for preventive care.


Choosing the right dental insurance involves evaluating your specific needs, understanding the costs involved, and comparing different plans. By considering factors such as coverage needs, network size, costs, waiting periods, and additional benefits, you can select a plan that provides the best value and ensures you and your family maintain good oral health.

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