What Dental Services Are Covered by Medicare?


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Medicare provides limited coverage for dental services, primarily covering procedures that are an integral part of another covered medical treatment. Most routine dental care, such as cleanings, fillings, and dentures, is not covered by Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). However, there are specific circumstances where Medicare may cover certain dental services.

Dental Services Covered by Medicare

Inpatient Hospital Dental Services

Medicare covers dental services performed during an inpatient hospital stay if the hospitalization is required due to the patient’s underlying medical condition or the complexity of the dental procedure itself. In these cases, Medicare Part A will cover the cost of the hospital stay, but the patient may still be responsible for coinsurance and deductible payments.

Dental Services Integral to Other Covered Medical Treatments

Medicare may cover dental services that are inextricably linked to the clinical success of another Medicare-covered medical procedure or treatment. These services must be coordinated between medical and dental professionals and deemed necessary for the overall treatment plan. Examples include:

  • Oral examinations and necessary dental treatments before organ transplants, cardiac valve replacements, or valvuloplasty procedures. These dental services help ensure the patient’s oral health does not compromise the success of the primary medical procedure.
  • Dental services required before or during cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy for head and neck cancers, or CAR T-cell therapy. Eliminating potential oral infections can improve the effectiveness and safety of these treatments.
  • Treatment for dental complications arising after radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or surgery for head and neck cancers. Medicare will cover services to address oral health issues caused by these cancer treatments.
  • Dental ridge reconstruction performed in conjunction with the surgical removal of a tumor (non-dental related). This procedure may be necessary to prepare the jaw for future dental work after tumor removal.
  • Tooth extractions to prepare the jaw for radiation treatment of neoplastic diseases.
  • Dental splints or wiring of teeth related to treating a covered medical condition, such as a dislocated jaw joint.

In these cases, Medicare Part A or Part B may cover ancillary services like anesthesia, X-rays, and the use of an operating room, in addition to the dental procedure itself.

Dental Services Not Covered by Medicare

Medicare does not cover routine dental services primarily aimed at maintaining oral health, such as:

  • Cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Tooth extractions (except when required for a covered medical treatment)
  • Dentures
  • Dental implants
  • Most oral surgeries

Additionally, Medicare will not cover dental services related to other non-covered procedures, such as preparing the mouth for dentures or removing excess bone from the roof of the mouth.

Alternatives for Dental Coverage

For routine dental care and procedures not covered by Medicare, beneficiaries may explore the following options:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans: Many Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans offered by private insurers include dental coverage as an additional benefit. Coverage levels vary, but most plans cover preventive services like cleanings and exams, with some also offering coverage for more extensive procedures like fillings, extractions, and dentures.
  • Private Dental Insurance: Purchasing a separate dental insurance plan can help cover the costs of routine dental care and more extensive procedures not covered by Medicare.
  • Medicaid: Some states offer dental coverage for individuals who are dually eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. Beneficiaries should check with their state Medicaid agency for details.
  • Low-Cost Dental Clinics: Community health centers and dental schools often provide dental services at reduced costs for those without dental coverage.


While Medicare’s coverage of dental services is limited, understanding the specific circumstances under which dental care is covered can help beneficiaries make informed decisions about their oral health. For comprehensive dental coverage, exploring Medicare Advantage Plans, private dental insurance, or other alternative options may be necessary to ensure access to affordable routine and specialized dental care.

Dental Intravenous Solutions

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